Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment, or RCT, is a tooth-saving procedure that involves the removal of infected soft tissue from the tooth and the elimination of dental pain. With our clinic’s superior expertise and equipment, the majority of RCTs may be performed comfortably in a single sitting.

Our tooth is made up of three major structural components: enamel, dentin, and pulp. Enamel is the tooth’s hard exterior layer. Dentin is also a hard substance that makes up the intermediate layer. The pulp is the tooth’s interior structure, made up of soft tissue that contains the nerves and blood arteries that supply it.

When the pulp of a tooth is destroyed by trauma or infection, root canal therapy is required to save the tooth. Caries (in layman’s terms, cavities or decay of teeth) typically begins with the enamel. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the dentin and eventually to the pulp. If the pulp of the tooth is not impacted, the tooth can usually be restored (filled) without requiring RCT. However, if caries has advanced to the pulp, RCT is necessary to save the tooth. Similarly, trauma to the tooth might result in irreparable pulp damage, needing an RCT.

Root canal therapy entails removing sick and injured soft tissue within the tooth, thoroughly cleaning the pulp chamber and root canals, and then filling them with an inert substance. This alleviates discomfort and infection and enables for the tooth’s long-term preservation in the mouth.

Some common signs and symptoms which may suggest a need for root canal treatment include :

  • A severe toothache that tends to increase in lying down position.
  • Pain on biting on a tooth.
  • Significant sensitivity to hot, cold or sweets.
  • Swelling on the face especially in the jawbone area.
  • Change in color (discoloration) of a tooth.
  • The appearance of a boil or swelling in the gingiva (gums).

Initiating root canal treatment too late can result in a painful emergency. The infection has the potential to spread to the jawbones, causing excruciating pain, swelling, and damage to the bone that surrounds the tooth. In certain circumstances, the infection might migrate to adjacent face tissues, posing major complications. Neglect can sometimes result in a tooth being unable to be salvaged, necessitating its extraction. As a result, root canal treatment should be initiated as soon as possible in indicated circumstances.

The only alternative to RCT is tooth extraction. This would entail replacing the missing tooth with a bridge or an implant. It’s worth noting that no artificial substitute will ever be as good as your natural tooth. Thus, in the majority of cases, root canal treatment is the greatest alternative for retaining your original tooth.

Contrary to popular assumption, current technological and equipment advancements have rendered RCT procedures completely comfortable. The treatment is typically performed under local anaesthetic, which eliminates any discomfort (although anaesthesia is not always required!). At oral rehabilitation center, technological advancements such as flexible rotary equipment, electronic root apex locators, and advanced filling materials are some of the adjuncts employed to achieve perfection in Root Canal Treatment.

Historically, root canal therapy was performed in a series of sessions. However, treatment is currently performed in a single sitting or in three sessions, depending on the severity of the infection and the specific requirements of the case. Success rates of 95 percent or above have been demonstrated in research studies for both single sitting and repeated sitting root canal procedures.

Once root canal therapy is completed successfully, a ‘filling’ is required to replace the tooth structure that was lost. If the tooth structure is significantly damaged, a ‘post and core’ surgery may be required; otherwise, a crown (cap) may be utilised to ensure that the tooth can be securely used for chewing/biting for an extended period of time. This is critical for posterior (back) teeth.

Is root canal treatment serious?

A root canal (also known as an endodontic treatment) is a serious procedure, but one that specialists handle every day. Before engaging in any type of dental work, it’s important to know the facts about root canals.

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While the price varies based on the city and the type of treatment, it ranges between Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 12,000 for most RTC procedures.

Can root canal be done immediately?

A root canal is a dental procedure in which the nerve and pulp of an infected or extremely decayed tooth are removed. Typically, the first sign that one may be needed is pain from an infection. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, it may constitute an emergency that requires immediate treatment.

Does a root canal hurt?

No, root canals are usually painless because dentists now use local anesthesia before the procedure to numb the tooth and its surrounding areas. So, you should feel no pain at all during the procedure. However, mild pain and discomfort are normal for a few days after a root canal is conducted.

How long is a root canal process?

The average root canal treatment around 60 minutes long. More complex cases may take around 90 minutes. A root canal typically requires one or two appointments to complete.

Is Capping necessary after RCT?

Yes actually you have to go for crown procedure because after root canal treatment the tooth become weak easily get featured. So cap is must to protect the tooth as well restore tooth structure and its function. check for different types of caps metal ceramic or lase ceramic or zirconia cap.

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