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Orthodontics involves straightening or moving teeth to make them look better and for cosmetic reasons. By doing this you can improve the appearance of your teeth, gums and jaw joint as well as reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and headaches caused by excessive jaw pressure.

Why should I have orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a procedure that involves the alignment of the teeth. This is generally used to correct problems with a person’s bite by moving their teeth into a better position. In some cases, orthodontics can also be used to reduce or eliminate spaces in teeth.

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that is dedicated to the correction of misaligned and irregular teeth and jaws. Orthodontists are trained to diagnose, intercept and treat problems caused by a malocclusion, or bad bite. This can range from simple alignment to correcting an adult bite or more serious issues such as crowding.

Orthodontics is a type of dentistry which helps to straighten the teeth, usually by moving them in a specific direction and then permanently fixing them in that position. When the teeth don’t meet in the right place, this can put stress on the muscles of the jaw which can lead to problems that may require orthodontic treatment.

At what age should I have orthodontic treatment?

The best time to start orthodontic treatment is while the permanent dentition is still forming. Teeth continue to grow after birth, and the best time to start is in childhood to maximize the growth potential.

What are ‘invisible braces’?

Aligners are clear plastic molds used to straighten teeth. Several sets of aligners are made for each patient and these are worn for several weeks or even months before being replaced by new aligners. The aligners are made from clear plastic, which makes them virtually invisible.

Aligners are thin, clear plastic trays with a series of thin layers of hard plastic that gently move your teeth into their correct alignment. They are worn 22 to 23 hours a day for the best results and are removable for eating, drinking, brushing, and cleaning in between your teeth. However, you need to have all of your adult teeth before you can start this treatment.

How much invisible braces cost in Bangalore?

Traditional dental braces cost in Bangalore starts at 30000 INR while Invisalign treatment starts at 92000 INR approximately.

Are braces painful?

Mild pain or discomfort is a normal side effect of wearing braces. But you should only feel the discomfort immediately after your orthodontist places or adjusts your braces or wires. The discomfort typically disappears within four days, and braces pain rarely lasts longer than a week.

What is the age limit for braces?

There is no age limit for getting braces. While childhood is a good time to make changes to your mouth and jaw, more adults than ever are undergoing orthodontic treatment to correct orthodontic issues such as crooked or missing teeth and create a beautiful smile.

How can I straighten my teeth without braces?

Teeth straightening without braces can be split into two categories: Removable retainers and Instant orthodontics.

Removable retainers: Clear braces

Instant orthodontics:

  • Dental crowns
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental bonding

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