Regain Your Natural Smile and Enhance Your Oral Function with Expert Complete Denture Treatment in Bangalore

1. What are complete dentures?

Complete dentures are removable prosthetic devices that replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

2. How are complete dentures made?

Complete dentures are made through a process that involves taking impressions of the mouth, creating a custom mold based on those impressions, and fitting the mold with artificial teeth.

3. Are complete dentures comfortable?

While some discomfort may be experienced during the initial adjustment period, our dental professionals will take great care to ensure that your dentures fit comfortably and securely.

4. How long do complete dentures last?

With proper care, complete dentures can last for many years.

5. Can complete dentures be adjusted or repaired if they become damaged?

Yes! Our dental professionals can adjust or repair your complete dentures to ensure that they fit properly and function optimally.

6. Will I be able to eat and speak normally with complete dentures?

Yes! With proper adjustment and practice, most patients are able to eat and speak normally with complete dentures.

7. How do I care for my complete dentures?

Caring for your complete dentures involves practicing good oral hygiene by brushing them daily, soaking them in a denture cleaning solution, and avoiding habits such as chewing on hard objects or using your dentures as tools.

8. Can complete dentures be customized to match my natural teeth?

Yes! Our dental professionals can work with you to create a set of complete dentures that look and feel like your natural teeth.

9. Will my complete denture treatment be covered by insurance?

The coverage of complete denture treatment by insurance may vary depending on your specific plan. Our team will work with you to determine the best options for financing your treatment and maximizing your insurance benefits.

10. How can I learn more about complete denture treatment?

Our dental professionals are available to answer any questions you may have about complete denture treatment and help you achieve optimal oral function and appearance. We also offer educational resources and support to guide you through the treatment process.