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Direction to Our Clinic:

  • Address: 9, Osborne Rd, Hermit Colony, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042
  • Call: 07406110333
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Covid19 Safety Measures:

  • COVID safe surgical centres for patient treatment
  • Regular screening of patient for COVID related symptoms
  • Thermal screening facilities at the hospital entrance
  • Regularly sanitize all the medical equipment
  • Medical staff wears PPE kits during surgery

Dentist Near Me Bangalore

Oral Rehabilitation Center: The Best Dental Hospital Near Me in Ulsoor, Bangalore to Provide Premium Oral Care

At Oral Rehabilitation Center, we prioritize oral health over everything else. Our dentists are consistently striving to deliver quality-assured and top-ranked dental care, that too in a rejuvenating and comfortable environment. you can contact us by searching dentist near me.

Ever previously our establishment, we have believed in building lifelong interaction with our patients through honest and ethical services. Our dentists in Ulsoor, Bangalore are always successful keeping the patients well-informed not quite the latest technologies that they use to preserve their oral health.

Our Mission

We always work towards offering state-of-the-art dentistry in Ulsoor, Bangalore in the most compassionate and friendly manner possible.

Our Vision

Our dentist near me exceeds your expectations through their bespoke dentist services and ensures immaculate results, thanks to our experience in the industry, result-oriented treatments, and cutting-edge technology.

Our PromiseWe offer best-in-class dentistry practices all of which are conducted by a professional dental doctor near me that offers the optimum level of oral healthcare to all our clients.

dentist near me

Highly Specialised Dental Clinic in Ulsoor, Bangalore

Our professional dental facilities are designed to play a role and repair even the smallest surface and micro decays. The team of dentists we are equipped in the tone of specialise in dentistry and have bagged their highest qualifications on the same. We are a brand name in the same way as it comes to the best dentist in Ulsoor, Bangalore. Ever previously our inception, we have been persistent in our vision and we are always putting in efforts to bring to your international standards of dentistry. Our sprawling dentist clinic near me manages hundreds and thousands of patients every month.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Equipment Used at Our Dental Care Clinic

Our dental hospital takes pride in performing all its services and treatments with the help of global-standard equipment and advanced technology. Also, the clinic has garnered much attention from all its patients over the years because of its hygiene standards, safety protocols, ethical business dealings, and impeccable customer care services. For instance, our four-step safety protocol promises that every instrument and tool that is used on a patient is properly sterilised before using to on another patient.

Dental Hospital in Ulsoor, Bangalore with a Promise of Precision in All Its Operations

At Oral Rehabilitation Center, we are deservedly at the top of the country’s dental industry, thanks to the precision we follow for all of our operations, the newest technology that we count on, and how we lay importance on our three business principles: integrity, respect, and trust. What has helped our dental clinic stay at the summit of dentistry in Bangalore, is the trust from our patients, the excellent hygiene standards we maintain, our hard-working and diligent team members, support staff, their compassion, and cooperation.

Dentist Clinic Conducting Innumerable Dental Programmes Every Year

So far, our dental clinic has been skillful to conduct innumerable dental programs for both adults and children. Our valuable relationship bearing in mind our patients is based upon our pillars of strength; trust, respect, and integrity. Keeping up with an immensely tall standard of customer assist has always played an integral role in helping our dental hospital secure the top ranks.

Highly Effective and Ethical Treatment Guaranteed at the Dental Clinic Near Me

Our team of dentists always prioritizes our patients and all the treatments and plans they design include the interests of the patients and their individual needs.

  •         Our dental care doctors are thoroughly trained, qualified, and certified to conduct the best clinical practices and make use of the most advanced technology, while ensuring the patients get the most authentic oral care, without any compromise.
  •         The best dentist near me at our clinic are given training on how to deal with patients with both compassion and respect.

Expect Transparency in Treatments from the Good Dentist Near Me

We offer all the available treatment options to our patients, so they can choose according to their needs and requirements.

  •         Our dentist in Ulsoor, Bangalore communicates all the treatment quotes and prices to the patients so they don’t have to deal with hidden fees.
  •         Official receipts are also issued for all types of consultations with the dentists to make sure there is 100% financial compliance.

The Near Me Dental Clinic Adhering to Moral Principles During Their Operations

Dentist near me

Our dental hospital sticks to ethical and moral policies for its professional conduct.

  •         We make sure not to offer or accept any types of gifts from the families of patients or the patient themselves, in any situation.
  •         The employees of our clinic count on a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of unethical behavior.
  •         To ensure financial compliance, we only follow the global financial reporting standards

Pediatric Dentist Near Me that Ensures Healthy Mouth in Children

Our kid’s dentist near me understands the importance of a healthy mouth and how it is imperative for speech and can have a great impact on your child’s ability to taste food, chew the same and digest it. The children dentist near me we have in our team is also aware of bad oral hygiene and how it can trigger gums and heart diseases like strokes, blockages, etc. Hence, we ventured into the dentistry world to provide end-to-end oral care for people of all ages including children. Our comprehensive pediatric oral care includes treatments both under sedation and also under general anesthesia.

Dentist Near Me with Prices Committed to Look After Your Family’s Dental Care

At our dental hospital, we proceed as a team to have the funds for you afterward the best oral care for you and your family. Irrespective of what you need; cosmetic dentistry or a major restorative affect or a simple dental check-up all month, you can be assured that you are in the good hands of our professional and highly-skilled dental doctor near me and technicians. All our puzzling and enlarge implant services are handled by our nurses and sustain staff followed by our trained and endorsed technicians. If and behind needed, we are next supported by consultants who can extend their maintain in combination stages.

Book Dentist Appointment- Search Dentist Near Me open Right Now!!!

Now you need not move anywhere for a dentist appointment. Simply search dentist near me in Ulsoor, Bangalore and schedule your appointment. So, search and book your appointment right now as the dentist near me remains open for 9 hours all day.

Below are the opening and closing times of Oral Rehabilitation Center

Day Status Time
Monday Open 9:30 AM – 8 PM
Tuesday Open 9:30 AM – 8 PM
Wednesday Open 9:30 AM – 8 PM
Thursday Open 9:30 AM – 8 PM
Friday Open 9:30 AM – 8 PM
Saturday Open 9:30 AM – 8 PM
Sunday Open 9:30 AM – 8 PM


To book your dentist appointment in Delhi, you should search for a dentist near me in Ulsoor, Bangalore, although you can also ask Google to show a dentist near me open right now in Ulsoor, Bangalore. You can also allow your device location instead of mentioning Ulsoor, Bangalore while asking a dentist near me open right now.

Why Choose Us Over Other Near Dental Clinic?

#1. Detailed and Comprehensive Oral Care

Our best dental clinic near me doles out complete oral care. You can also book special paediatric dental treatments from our team of children’s dentists near me. From the most complex dental treatments to preventative oral care and family dentistry, we have you all covered.

#2. We Serve Through the Week

We understand that our patients might be bogged down under a tedious and busy life. And so, we prefer keeping our clinic open through the week and even during the weekdays as well.

#3. We Offer Budget-Friendly Oral Care

We are known to offer budget-friendly dentistry treatments to our patients, that too without jeopardising our quality.

Dental Treatments Performed by the Best Dentist Near Me

dentist near me

#1. General Dental Services

Our general dental services direct inclusive of anything the prevention and dental condition treatments including dental fillings, root canal treatments, and general check-ups. Our general dentists are experts at offering a wide gamut of services that are associated with aiding the patients to save up with great dental health. Several instruments, radiographs, tests, and clinical attainment are used in our dental clinic close me to diagnose the dental health of a uncomplaining by our general dentists to identify and look for potential oral health issues.

#2. Cosmetic Dental Services

A good smile is a sign of a healthy smile and is a key factor in enhancing your confidence. For those who are dealing with missing or misshaped teeth, you can book an appointment with our cosmetic dentists for certain specialised cosmetic dental treatments like implants, crowns, and teeth whitening. Exclusive cosmetic dentistry procedures are used in our dental hospital near me in combination with other techniques and materials for a dramatic smile makeover by our cosmetic dentists. Some of the services offered by our cosmetic dentists are:

  •         Teeth whitening
  •         Dental Veneers
  •         Enamel Bonding
  •         Tooth Bleaching
  •         Enamel Abrasion
  •         Invisalign Braces

#3. Family Dental Services

Our dental clinic near me open today in Ulsoor, Bangalore knows that scheduling an appointment with a dentist is an important step towards maintaining the overall well-being of your family. Some of the services our family dentist performs are checking on gum health, reducing the build-up of plaque, preventing tooth decay, and filling cavities. Our professional family dentists offer comprehensive services that are associated with dental hygiene, hence putting a stop to all kinds of dental problems from developing in the initial stages before they take shape of something serious.

#4. Preventive Dental Services

Prevention must always be prioritized and it holds immense importance in terms of oral health. Routine dental visits paired later than immaculate dental care can keep you from splurging on painful dental treatments. Our preventive dentist close me opens right now emphasize boosting your daily dental hygiene practices to prevent common dental problems as soon as tooth decay, plague, etc.

Our dental clinic nearby me has the power to surpass the expectations of our customers and it is through our accurate dental solutions, precise oral treatments, and the promise of quality dental services for our customers that have helped us secure long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our dentists in Ulsoor, Bangalore put immense importance on the safety of our patients and hence our infection control department ensures the highest sterilisation levels through our efforts to maintain utmost sterilisation.

Dental Clinic Near Me – Easiest Way To Consult Best Dentist in Ulsoor, Bangalore

Dental clinic near me, is the first thing that you search for while booking an appointment with the dental hospital. And why not, You are smart, and you know searching dental clinic near me in your device browser is the simplest and smartest way to book your appointment with the nearest dental clinic in your area.

When you search for the best dentist in your area, you have a list of the hospital that offers a complete dental solution. So, selecting the best dental clinic has become quite tricky. Thus you should carefully select the dentist’s clinic.

With the best dentist, dental treatment becomes smooth and painless. Else, you may experience pain during dental treatment.

Oral Rehabilitation Center Has Emerged As The Best Dental Clinic In Ulsoor, Bangalore In The Recent Past. Here Our Dentists Are Certified And Carry Several Years Of Experience. Our Dental Clinics Are Also Equipped With The Latest And most Advance Technology Based Machines.

With the help of the latest dental equipment, our certified dentist makes dental treatment completely painless. So, search for the best dental hospital near me and consult the best dentist and get your dental treatment done.

Why Should You Consult Oral Rehabilitation Center In Ulsoor, Bangalore ?

Our dental hospital is one of the most reliable dental clinics in Ulsoor, Bangalore, and scheduling a dental treatment with us can be fun. And it is because a trusted and best dentist hospital usually has a team of expert dentists who bring expert dental treatment with innovative patient care and services.

Actually, it is essential to have certified dentists who meet all the medical requirements and provide excellent treatment. The certified dentist offers top-notch dental care and professional services. Currently, we are the best dental clinic in Ulsoor, Bangalore .

Being the best dental clinic in Ulsoor, Bangalore , Oral Rehabilitation Center uses the latest technology-driven equipment subsequently a drill, forceps, x-ray machines, digital scanners, mouth mirrors, scalpels, etc. And here, you can consult for various treatments bearing in mind dental braces, root canal treatment, Dental implant, crown and bridges, and others.

At Oral Rehabilitation Center, We Believe in Offering Both Non-invasive And Painless Dental Treatment. Our Certified Dentist Gives You A Healthy And Beautiful Smile For The Rest Of Your Life.

To ensure that our patient receives satisfactory dental treatment, we follow the ideal and best dental practice and procedure. Our dentists keep all the commitment, authenticity, transparency, simplicity, and dedication to providing effective, reliable, and timely treatment to the patients.

How To Find The Best Dentist Clinic Near Me In Ulsoor, Bangalore ?

With the development in technology now, finding the right dental clinic in Ulsoor, Bangalore is quite easy.

With the assist of the mobile now, you can find out the best dentist clinic in imitation of a single click only. But though searching for the best dental clinic close me in Gurgaon, make clear to check that you have enabled your device location. It is because this helps your browser to track your location and bring the desired result.

There are a few factors that you should consider while scheduling your appointment with Bangalore’s best dentist clinic. These factors are:

  1. Are Dentists certified or not?
  2. Does the hospital has technologically advance equipment?
  3. Previous patient review and rating

Note – There are multiple other factors that you should consider while selecting the best dental hospital in your area in Ulsoor, Bangalore

To Book Dental Treatment At ORC dental, You Can Reach Us at 07406110333





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