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Despite advances in dental treatment, millions of people experience tooth loss. This is linked primarily to tooth decay, injury, poor oral health, or periodontal disease. Bridges and dentures were the only solutions for persons who had missing teeth in the past. However, as dental technology progresses, we can see that dental implants have made a strong impression as the best alternative for missing teeth.

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What are dental implants?

A dental implant is characterised as a screw-like structure that replaces a lost tooth. This screw-like component is inserted into the jawbone and serves as an anchor for the crown, which is an artificial tooth. An abutment is a device that joins the fake tooth to the dental implant.

The crown is custom-made to match the colour of their teeth and fit comfortably in their mouth. Crowns provide the same appearance, feel, and function as natural teeth.

If you have been advised to have a dental implant process, you will undoubtedly want to know what the procedure entails, but first you must understand why you require the implant and what the benefits of using dental implants are.

Why would you need a dental implant?

As previously stated, dental implants have simplified the process of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth. In dentistry, the purpose of tooth replacement is to restore function as well as aesthetics.

In general, there are three possibilities for tooth replacement:

  • Denture or partial denture — a dental appliance that is removable.
  • Dental Implant with cemented fixed dental bridge.

While many people prefer dentures, they may not be the ideal solution for everyone. They are, without a doubt, a more economical choice for replacement teeth, but they are the least preferable due to the inconvenience

having a removable appliance in the mouth. Furthermore, dentures might have an impact on one’s taste and sensory perception.

Prior to the introduction of dental implants, the most popular restorative treatment was dental bridgework. Bridgework is reliant on natural teeth for stability, which is a significant drawback.

Many variables must be considered before deciding on a replacement solution for lost teeth.

These variables for dental implants are as follows:

  • Quantity and quality of jawbone (where the dental implant will be placed)
  • The site of a missing tooth or teeth,
  • The patient’s health has deteriorated.
  • Dental implant price

The dental surgeon will look at these characteristics to determine whether the patient is a good candidate for a dental implant. Before proceeding with the treatment, the patient will be informed of the cost and preferred type of dental implant.

The question is, if dental implants are truly the greatest option for tooth replacement, what are some of the benefits of using dental implants? There are numerous advantages to selecting a dental implant for tooth replacement over other options. They are conservative, which implies that missing teeth can be replaced without harming or changing the neighbouring teeth. Furthermore, because dental implants merge into the bone structure, they are incredibly stable and operate just like natural teeth.

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