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Who we are

Welcome to Oral Rehabilitation Center,
Dental Clinic in Ulsoor, Bangalore

At our clinic, we offer a range of services for the entire family. Our team is committed to provide you with a positive and worry-free experience. Whether you need a simple dental exam or an extensive cosmetic treatment, our highly skilled dentists will make sure your needs are met. We offer various types of treatments such as dental implant, Orthodontics, Teeth coloured fillings, teeth cleaning, veneers etc.
Call: 07406110333

Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Our team

It is not our extensive experience and qualifications that is the highlight of our offerings, but our approach towards our patients and colleagues. We assure you completely honest, patient centric evidence-based treatment approach. All steps of treatment will be discussed and agreed upon. Our founding team consists of Supriya Ebenezer and Vinay V Kumar.

Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Straightforward Dental Care

We're here to help you feel at ease with straightforward dental care. We want to give you a comfortable, honest environment where you can take control of your smile's future.

Dental clinic in Bangalore

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We don't want you to just be happy, we want you to be happy and healthy for a long time. With an evidence-based approach as discussed and agreed upon with our patients, we are committed to giving you the most out of your dental treatment and awareness.
Karthik Pk
Karthik Pk
Extremely happy with the experience. Really neat clinic rendering high quality treatment.
Sandra Rothboeck
Sandra Rothboeck
Dr. Suprya Ebenezer is a very friendly, highly attentive and professional dentist, who took care of my dental requirements in an excellent way. I appreciate her long-year experience gained in India and abroad, and one immediately feels well taken care of.The clinic is very well kept and clean and the staff well trained. I surely will come back. Wishing the leadership Suprya and Vinay Kumar and the team a great and successful 2022. Sandra Rothboeck, from Switzerland
Jyothi Sai
Jyothi Sai
Good dental clinic which I can suggest ,Dr Supriya is very professional and she follows best possible protocol Maintance during COVID times and Good accuracy at her work.Thanks
Chandni Peris
Chandni Peris
Annamma Chacko
Annamma Chacko
I went to Oral Rehabilitation Centre because I was suffering from a severe toothache. I had undergone scaling and tooth extraction. Dr. Vinay and Dr. Supriya provided me with a thorough explanation of what was going on. They go out of their way to make their patients feel at ease and treat them kindly. Throughout all of the procedures, the assistant was quite courteous. The place was hygienic and well maintained. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone.
Chacko Varghese
Chacko Varghese
I had been to the clinic in order to complete my scaling, tooth extraction and bridging. The service was excellent. Both Dr. Vinay and Dr. Supriya are well - versed in their fields. For any dental issues, I highly recommend this clinic.
Lincy Chacko
Lincy Chacko
I visited Oral Rehabilitation Centre to have my teeth cleaned. I am quite pleased with the service. Dr. Vinay and Dr. Supriya are both well-versed in their fields and treat their patients with the utmost care. I would highly recommend this clinic.
Benz Musick
Benz Musick
I went to the clinic because I was suffering from a bad toothache. I despise going to the dentist because I am afraid of having my teeth pulled out and the subsequent pain. However, Dr. Vinay was quite nice and informed me that there was nothing to be concerned about because everything was perfectly normal. If you have a fear of dentists, I recommend that you go to this clinic since the fear will vanish in a matter of seconds (or minutes, if you are as scared as me and cannot tolerate pain). I am really pleased with the service; it is both hygienic and professional.
Murugan Rajagopal
Murugan Rajagopal
I strongly recommend this place. My aged parents and 10 years old daughter got treated here. The doctors attended to each person's need, keeping them totally comfortable, through multiple visits.
Shobha Poojari
Shobha Poojari

Who are Dentists ?

The branch of dentistry is the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, infections, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity. It is also known as the oral or dental medicine. Doctors or surgeons specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity are called dentists or dental surgeons.

Should I go to a Dentist regularly?

you can have regular check-ups with the dentist depending on your oral health. However, it is recommended to contact the dentist on an annual or monthly basis.

For what conditions can I consult a Dentist?

you can consult the Dentist if you are suffering from any of the following conditions:
Chipped tooth
Stained teeth
Sensitive teeth to cold
Cracked tooth
Gap between tooth

When should I consult the Dentist?

If the medical problem of your tooth is severe or moderate, and if it that affects your daily life, then you must consult the Dentist and should have a consultation.

Can a Dentist cure my toothache?

Your toothache can be temporarily relieved by Over the counter medicines like ibuprofen. But, if the toothache is severe to worse, you must consult a good Dentist. The Dentist will diagnose the severity of your toothache and plan an appropriate treatment course
[NOTE:- Before using any OTC medicines, pleases consult with your primary doctor or family doctor]

Can Dentists perform Dental implant surgery?

Generally, Oral Surgeon or implantologist will perform Dental implant surgery. But a Dentist who is specially trained in placing and restoring dental implants can perform this surgery.

What surgeries can be performed by a Dentist (Dental Surgeon)?

A Dentist can perform surgeries and few of them are:
Root canal treatment
Dental implant surgery
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
Fillings and repair
Biopsies to check for oral cancer
Bridges and implants for damaged teeth
Gum surgery

Is it safe to undergo teeth whitening?

Yes, it is safe to whiten your teeth and you can have this procedure if you have yellow teeth. However, some side effects may be experienced, such as tooth sensitivity and irritation of soft tissue.

Can I have a prior booking for Dentist consultation?

Depending on the dentist you choose to see, a pre-booking option is available. So you can make an appointment to see the dentist.

Will Dentists cure the bad breath & tooth decay?

Yes, depending on the severity of the tooth and the degree of cavities and bad breath, the dentist will suggest a suitable treatment plan that can help or minimize the dental problem.